Experimenting with Post Templates

You should probably ignore this. Pretty much nothing to see. I’m playing with the new wordpress editor, and experimenting with post layout. Have a listen Another Thing This editor is definitely functional, but it’s slower than the outgoing method of creating posts.¬† Ha. Background colour for individual blocks. Kinda nice. Keep typing and the colour-block […]

Bam tests audio for new podcast

In the process of creating his new podcast, Bam has been testing audio and ¬†publishing tools. We’re nearly there. Show Alert If you’d like to know when the show goes live, fill in the newsletter form which should be hanging around somewhere on this page. Alternatively, watch our socials. There’s links to our Facebook, Twitter […]

Is ‘In Your Face’ still funny?

In 2004 Bamster devised the hidden camera show format In Your Face, which covertly recorded audio and video with a pair of glasses. Every TV company we talked to turned it down and it pretty much went away until an unexpected call from Bravo TV two years later. We made a pilot (watch below) and […]

Bamster podcast coming soon

It’s been a long time coming, but Bamster is about to launch a number of podcasts. Most people know what a podcast is though it’s surprising how many aren’t sure how to listen to them. Consider it a radio show without a radio station. Instead, you can listen either on your phone, tablet or computer. […]