Blaine asks to do Bam show after glass box

In 2003 David Blaine came to London for ‘Above the Below’, where he hung above the Thames in a glass box without food for 44 days and nights.

We found a way to get on Dave’s nerves without giving the police legitimate cause to move us on.

It involved us sitting below the box for 24 hours straight, chanting one word over and over… and getting the crowds to join in.

Simple, but truly irritating apparently…

David later revealed on a UK morning TV show that if we’d carried on for much longer he’d have quit.

Then… he asked to see us.

“I usually don’t request to do any shows… unless I’m asked to and I have to… So, I requested to do this show because that one was so brilliant”.

Cheers David.

So… from 2003 (a full two years before the launch of youtube!), check out the video of the morning David Blaine came in to the Bam show.